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Nintendo NES Game Console with 6 Games!

Item # 1305546601


Nintendo NES

NES Gaming Console With 3doggy bone controllers 1rf switch (not pictured) AC Adapter and 6 Great Games!

(1) Kirby's Adventure (2) Shadowgate (3) Super Bowl Tecmo (4) Mickey's Safari in Letterland

(5) Bases Loaded (6) 10-Yard Fight (Football Game)

These games are in excellent condition and work perfectly.  These games have given  my nephews hours of fun and enjoyment, and I am sure they will bring the same joy to any child.  Now, my nephews have grown and instead of letting the games suffer the same fate as Puff the Magic Dragon, my nephews would like to pass them on so they can bring the same happiness to someone else as they did to them.

The games have been sold a long long long time ago, just keeping this webpage as a template.  Email me and I will email you back...


Nintendo NES Control Deck

Model No. NES-101

3 doggy bone controllers and AC Adapter

RF Switch included (not pictured)

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